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Oysters Rockefeller

October 23, 2010

There is something intimidating about trying something new. I love Oysters Rockefeller. However, I had never thought about making them at home because it seemed difficult. Today as I was perusing one of Gordon Ramsay’s cookbooks I saw a recipe that looked amazingly simple. So with the help of a googled video on how to shuck oysters I was off to the races on a fabulous dinner of Oysters Rockefeller at home.
Several things struck me as I was reflecting on this amazing meal. First, cooking with fresh ingredients is the biggest key to great tasting food. Second, really good food can be simple to prepare. I was amazed at how easy this version of Oysters Rockefeller was to prepare. Third, it wouldn’t have been any fun to make if I would not have been able to share it with someone, especially someone I love.


Hello world!

October 16, 2010

Recently, after yet another job change, I began to wrestle with what I want to be when I grow up.  I thought that perhaps I was misguided since I didn’t know too many other “thirty-something’s” who were struggling with this.  Dan Miller, in his book 48 Days to Work You Love helped me understand that I was not alone.  Many people struggle with finding a “calling.”  With the practical advice in this book, I realized that one of the things I absolutely love to do is prepare great food, then share the experience with others.  This blog is also a product of doing something I love–writing about subjects I care about.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I am enjoying writing it.